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Hand of hope by Joyce Meyer

Dave Ohlerking: “One of the biggest problems we deal with is fathers raping their own daughters because the spirits have told them if you rape a virgin, the spirits will heal you. And they think they can get by with it, hide it, if it’s their own daughter. It’s unthinkable. That’s murder. Only the gospel can stop that.”

“Hand of hope” is working with “children’s cup international” to shine the light of the gospel message on the aids epidemic. Ben Rodgers oversees care point sites like this one in Swaziland, nine of which are fully funded by Joyce Meyer ministries partners. These care points are feeding and educating more than 3,400 children daily. They also meet their medical needs and provide critically needed aids medication. It’s made all the difference in the world to this little girl who is battling the disease. Five-year-old Bagzille lives in Manzini in a tiny house with her mother, grandmother, and her 8-year-old sister. Her father had aids and passed away in 2002, and her mother, Nosopho also suffers from the disease. Behind those bright eyes and beautiful smile hides a dark secret: At the innocent age of five, she too is hiv positive. But there is hope for this little girl and her family. She attends the ngwane park care point, which is operated by children’s cup and funded by Joyce Meyer ministries partners. Here she receives her only meal of the day, as well as medicine and an education. Her mother is very ill, but on her good days like today, she earns money making brooms. Most of the time she is unable to do anything. That’s why she’s so grateful for the help of the care point.

Nosopho: “The way they treat her, it’s just like she’s home. They are so friendly to her. I would just like to thank them a lot because the way I am feeling here, just because of the love they give to my children and to myself, because of them now life is great.”

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