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Take Care Of Your Temple

Joyce Meyer (2)

Joyce Meyer speaks to us. So, I teach on this a lot also, but I find when I first start talking about how you feel about yourself, I think most people don’t even know how they feel about themselves. It’s been there so long and it comes… It’s all these vague thoughts or this self-talk that you do.  So I think first of all we have to get people before they can even snap themselves, I think we have to get them to a point of what are you thinking and how do you feel about yourself? Even like our viewers today, there are probably millions of people watching who never even thought about how they feel about themselves. (Dr. Mintle) it comes out sometimes in the things they say, but that’s because they have beliefs and they’re not thinking about what those beliefs are.

Joyce Meyer: How does Jesus feel about it if we’re insulting to ourselves?

Dr. Mintle: God designed our bodies and he’s constantly talking to us about taking care of our body, so there’s a fine line when we talk about this, Joyce, because we’ve got these record rates of obesity and I’m always concerned that we’re dealing with an epidemic on the health end, but we also have this other side where we’re not liking what we see and we’re obsessing and we’re doing terrible things to our body in order to get it, so god says, “take care of your temple.” he’s not saying, “don’t pay attention to it.” but according to Joyce Meyer ministries, if Jesus is saying to us that what’s important is what’s on the inside and that your heart reflects what is also on the outside… Have you ever met somebody and you didn’t think they looked too great and then you get to know them and they’ve got this wonderful spirit and smile and compassion and kindness and all the things that we want to be evidenced in our life as fruit of our life, as fruit of god living inside of us, you start to see somebody as more attractive. So I think what god is telling us is he’s given us the way to do it; if you take care of internally, if you value the things that i value, if you work on the things that I tell you to work on, it’s going to reflect on your body as well. So you’ve got to give your body as a living sacrifice, scripture says — it’s got to be something that is a sacrifice to me.  So, take care of it; don’t obsess on it, but take care of it and then it will reflect the glory of who I am. So when you diss your body, you’re kind of saying, “hey, God, were you having an a.d.d. moment when you made me?” god’s saying, “no, this is the way I designed you, and it wasn’t a mistake. It was right.” – Joyce Meyer online.

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