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God’s Weapon

Joyce Meyer (3)

Pastor Bob: Because it’s God’s weapon. Satan has no weapon that even comes close to it. It’s god’s absolute best weapon. And he’s put it in our mouth and put in our heart every day. Jesus used it. In fact, you’ve talked about it; when Jesus was tempted, three times he said to satan, “it is written, it is written, it is written.” but you know what? You can’t say it’s written until you know it’s written. And out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. I think Jesus was just god’s prototype, saying, “Look at him. How did he do it?  That’s how you do it.

When they received him, now they can receive you.” when the disciples said to Jesus, “how does faith work?” he said, “watch, I’ll show you: speak to the mountain.” he said “speak.” how do we have it in Paul’s life?  He said, “what should we then say to these things?” you mean we speak to things? Of course we do. The same example god left Jesus, Jesus left us. “what shall we say to these things?” we need to look at our problems square in the face and say, “if God be for me, checkbook, you cannot be against me. If God be for me, doctor’s report, you cannot be against me. If God be for me, what my family is saying and my friends are saying about me, you cannot be against me.”

Joyce: I know one thing for sure — I know what I was like 30 years ago. I know that I had no joy, had no peace, had no victory and yet I was a Christian but I was not really making any difference in anybody else’s life because my witness wasn’t good. You couldn’t see Christ shining through me because I had all these issues in my soul that I didn’t even really realize the word of God was medicine for my soul.

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