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Dr. Mintle: this is something that I do.  It’s an old therapy trick and I actually do this a lot with women at conferences, and even men at conferences. Take a hair band, some kind of hair band like for a ponytail or something, put it on your wrist and every time you have a thought about your body that’s negative — “I hate my thighs,” or “I need to lose three pounds,” or whatever it is that you’re thinking — Joyce Meyer said, you snap the band and then you snap it and it’s like “snap out of it.” I thought of the idea from an old movie called “moonstruck” that cher was in. Nicholas cage’s character comes in and he says to cher, “I really love you.  Don’t marry my brother; I love you.”

And she looks at him and she’s shocked and she slaps him and says, “snap out of it!” so I thought snap out of it is kind of what we need to do. So if you literally snap yourself… And then I give people in the conference permission to go around snapping each other, so if you hear somebody saying something negative about their body, they not only have to stop and change the thought, but Joyce Meyer ministries tells us that they have to say something that’s true based on what god has to say about who they are, or a much more positive statement about the way they’re supposed to think about their body.

Joyce: I teach a lot also about how you feel about yourself because, frankly, I think that that’s pretty much the root of everything.  I mean, you can’t give away something you don’t have, so how can I make you feel good about yourself if I don’t feel good about myself? How can i make you feel loved if I don’t love myself? Even forgiveness — Joyce Meyer online mentioned that if you won’t forgive yourself, it’s difficult to forgive others. If you’re too hard on yourself, you’ll be hard on other people, and so I learned the hard way that I could never have right relationships with other people until I got things straightened out with myself.

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