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Love His Word

Joyce Meyer (8)

Well, that’s not the way the word of God works either. You have need of patience that after you’ve done the will of god, you’ll receive the promises. So it’s that thing of, “you know what? A month from now, I’m still going to be walking in it. A year from now, I’m still going to be walking in it. If I don’t feel any different at the end of the year, I’m still going to stick with it.” that’s the type of determination it takes, and that’s when suddenly things will start to change for you. No seed produces the next morning. Every seed has its own season. Wheat doesn’t produce when corn does, and all the different things; they have their own time. All I can say is you take the word of God, it has a season. Don’t cast away your confidence.

Joyce: And God wants to know that we’re serious. He wants to know that we’re really, really committed. So, many times he doesn’t bring a breakthrough immediately even though he certainly could because he’s testing us, he’s stretching us, we’re growing. And we have to learn… See, I don’t even really think that we should study the word just to get a breakthrough. I mean, i think we need to study God’s word because we love him and we love his word. So, sometimes there’s even a period of motives being purified until, like you said, you get to the point where you are so committed and so much in love with god and so much in love with his word that you’re no longer really even doing it just to get some quicky result; it’s part of your relationship with God.

If I have a relationship with you, then I want to hear what you have to say. We’re going to lunch after these programs today and I’ve already thought of a couple of things that I want to ask you because I want to hear what you have to say about those things. Well, you know, that’s part of relationship, so if we’re going to have a good relationship with God, then we certainly want to hear what he has to say. And he’s written down for us in this book what he has to say. So, remind us again, because this is what the program is about today, we’re in a war with satan but we are armed and dangerous, we have weapons. Why is it that this is a weapon against the enemy?

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