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The prophecy by Joyce Meyer

There’s another story in Jeremiah I want to tell you about it. You can find it in Jeremiah 36. Jeremiah had dictated a very long prophecy to his secretary Baruch. He painstakingly copied it onto parchment with a quill and ink. It may have taken months to write it. They had no computers, no typewriters, no ballpoint pens. It was finished and it was a prophecy of warning to the king. It was taken to the king and they began to read it to him and every column or every two or three columns they would read, he would take a penknife, cut them off and throw them in the fire because he didn’t want to hear what God had to say. There were times in my life when I didn’t want to hear what God had to say but that didn’t shut him up. So finally the whole prophecy had been thrown into the fire. The man who had read the prophecy to the king went back to Jeremiah, all dejected: he wouldn’t listen. He wouldn’t take the warning. He just burned up the prophecy. Our months and months of work were just lost and burned up. So they went to God and said: God, what would you have us do? You know what God said? Write it again. Oh, I got so much out of that. A few months ago I had a very disappointing situation happen where I had about, I forget how many thousands of words now – maybe like 18,000 or 28,000 words written toward a book. Something happened – some glitch in my computer and I lost it all.  They couldn’t get it back. They couldn’t restore it. We put it through every program. It was gone – gone-gone-gone. For about a week I kept telling everybody and murmuring about it and complaining about it and of course my husband once again being the mouth of God said: I think you’ve told enough people about this and I think you’ve said enough about it.

You only have one choice and that’s do it again. And my flesh went:  ewwwww! Because I didn’t want to lose my writing, I didn’t want to do it again but I only had one choice: give up or do it again. And you know what?  Some of you, that’s your only choice today because if you’re waiting for somebody to come and wave a magic wand over your life or you’re waiting for some prophet to come to town and prophesy to you that it’s all going to blow away with the next wind of the spirit, my advice to you today is: if you haven’t had a breakthrough yet, whatever God told you to do, do it again. If you haven’t heard from God in a long time, just keep doing what he told you to the last time you heard from him.

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