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The Victory In The Christian Life

Joyce Meyer (6)

Pastor Bob: Because just take for example that you were saved, received Jesus at 30 years old. Well, for 30 years you’ve been taught to think one way — the way the world thinks. Most people don’t understand this but the way the world thinks is usually contrary to the way God thinks. The world wants to get even; God says give up. The world wants to make money and they say hoard it; God says give it away. In many ways, god’s thinking is backwards to man’s, so the real victory in the Christian life is not the new birth — that’s just the start. The victory in the Christian life is when you start to think like God thinks, and that comes by meditating in his word, thinking god’s thoughts. Think how many scriptures talk about thoughts: as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. If you’ll think on these things — the things that are lovely, good, of a good report… The renewing of the mind is where you find the good and acceptable, and finally move into that perfect will of god for your life. It’s progressive, so that the more you think the way God thinks, the more success you have.  Really, ultimately we’re shooting for a real goal, and that is to have the mind of Christ, that in everything we do, we think just like Jesus would think; just like Christ would think.

Joyce: and that’s really when we become very dangerous to the devil, isn’t it?

Pastor Bob: That’s right. And the answer for the world, what the world’s looking for is a Christian who will walk that way. In fact, that’s why god left us here. If he had no intention for us to change the world, he would have just taken us right to heaven the moment we received him.

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