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Thought About Your Body

Joyce Meyer (8)

Joyce Meyer: We recently took our cameras out and asked women what they would think if they were looking at themselves in a full-length mirror wearing a bathing suit, and here are some of their reactions.

Woman: I was born in the age of the hippies, and now i’m just hippy.  (laughing)

Woman laughing: Oh, sorry.

Woman: ahhhh!

Woman: ahhhh!  (laughing)

Woman: oh my.  Um, well…

Woman: am I allowed to laugh profusely?

Woman: I need to lose weight and I need to work out.

Woman: my hips are too big. My stomach’s too big.

Woman: I see a lot of areas that I wish could be yanked up and pulled over and thinned down and moved over.

Woman: My body image interferes with my life in that it holds me back from all of the things that I want to do in my life because there’s just a fear about what people will think and how i look and how I compare to other people. – Joyce Meyer ministries.

Woman: it’s not important to be perfect; it’s just something that I work at.

Interviewer: would you ever feel pretty in a bathing suit?

Woman: that’s a good question. I don’t know.

Woman: Recently what I’ve done was stand in the mirror every day and say, “you know what? I love me.  Carol, I like the way you look.”  and I know that if I keep telling myself that over and over and over again, eventually I’m going to believe that. – Joyce Meyer online.

Woman: I’ve always had insecurities about my body, about just the way I look. I was teased in middle school a lot.  I’m learning to appreciate curves now because of my husband.

Woman: I’ve always kind of liked my waist line, you know. After having four kids and you still have a little bit of a waist line, that’s something to be very proud of!

Woman: it doesn’t matter to me anymore!  I’m 50.  I’ll just put on a suit and go for it! (laughing)

Joyce Meyer: Well, it’s pretty obvious how most people feel about themselves, isn’t it?

Dr. Mintle: yes, it’s not good news, is it?

Joyce: Of course, the bathing suit thing is a little bit of a stretch.

Dr. Mintle: maybe go with jeans the next time!  See if you can get a little better…

Joyce Meyer: I’ve got here on my notes that I’m to ask you about your rubber band exercise. What’s that?

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