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Joyce Meyer (21)

Dr. Mintle: Right Joyce Meyer.  It’s kind of a fine line between not elevating yourself or being prideful and yet staying humble, but so much of that is if you don’t feel good about who you are, then it can be a stumbling block to you doing the things that you’re supposed to be doing for god. If you’re constantly obsessing, worrying about how you look, thinking about how you look, wishing you look differently, then you’re not settled and you don’t have that peace and contentment that the bible talks about that we all can have as Christians.

Joyce Meyer: This morning in Joyce Meyer ministries, I sent a scripture to someone that I’m trying to encourage — Philippians 3:3:  put no confidence in the flesh and on outward appearance and physical advantages, but our confidence has to be in Christ. God still has to remind me of that.  When I go out, many times I’ll just say, “do you have a word for me today or something you want me to do?” and he just says, “go out confidently.” I don’t think confidence necessarily has to be a certain way that we feel about ourselves. I think it’s a decision that we make. – Joyce Meyer online.

Dr. Mintle: And we have it in the right place in the Lord. It’s interesting, Joyce Meyer, because you talked about how you came through that journey and that struggle through the shame and the things that had been done to you in childhood that violated your body — those kinds of things.  But I didn’t have that kind of background and I still struggled, and I was a Christian. I had been a Christian for most of my life and I still struggled with liking who I was. Even though I had the word of God, I wasn’t really focusing on the word of God; I wasn’t meditating on the word of God and letting it get into my spirit.  I was allowing the larger think of the culture to pretty much define who I was, and consequently I struggled with liking my body for years and years and years.

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