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Speak Out The Word Of God

Joyce Meyer (21)

But he left us here to change the world. And we, in essence, take the place of Jesus Christ. My mother-in-law died not too long ago and just before she died, she knew she was dying. She was at a ripe, old age but she had made my wife her… So she can sign checks for her, and she turned over the right of attorney to her, the power of attorney. So before she died, she couldn’t make out any checks, she couldn’t pay her rent, she couldn’t pay her utilities, so my wife did it. It really struck me one day when my wife signed — it was as if my mother-in-law was signing. And before Jesus left, he gave us the power of attorney. He said, “I can’t be here any longer, but you’re going to take my place.  If they receive you, they receive me, so start speaking my words, thinking my thoughts and acting like me.” and we realize that. So when satan sees us coming and we now have the mind of Christ, he sees Jesus coming, and that’s what frightens him so much. It’s no longer me or you.

Joyce: I’ve been doing a series called “armed and dangerous” which is about spiritual warfare and how we actually do have authority over the devil. The devil has power; there’s nobody saying that he hasn’t. But the good news is we not only have power, but we have the authority to use that power. Satan has power, but he only has the authority that we give him, and most of the time we give him that through ignorance. I know that when I really started to find out that I did have an enemy and he was trying to destroy my life, that all these things that were happening were not just fate or whatever, that I actually had an enemy that was trying to kill, steal and destroy, then I got kind of frustrated because I wanted to do something about it but I didn’t know what to do. The bible says we are in a war. Second Corinthians 10:4-5 says: the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but they are mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds. And it starts to talk about thoughts and imaginations.

So, we know that battlefield is the mind.  That’s where Satan tries to defeat us, is on the battleground of our mind. So often people think, “I can’t help what I think.” but the thing that God wants us to do is to open our mouth when wrong thoughts come in and speak out the word of God because that word is what will defeat satan.

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