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The power of God by Joyce Meyer

I’ve got a piece of advice for you: do it again. That’s the best Holy Ghost advice I can give you: do it again because this may be the one time that breaks the devil’s back. You have to say: I’m gonna do it one more time. I’m gonna praise God one more time.  I’m gonna lift up my hands and worship God even with tears streaming down my face one more time. I can do it one more time. One more time. I can do it one more time and one more time and one more time and one more time and all of a sudden the dam breaks, the power of God comes flowing into your life, and it’s over. It’s over. Remember the story of Elijah when he told Ahab it’s going to rain. There had been a long famine and he said:  okay, it’s gonna rain. He did that based on the word of God.  He didn’t see one sign of anything changing. So Elijah got on his face and started to pray and he sent his servant up to the top of Mount Carmel: go up and see if you can see any sign of rain. He went up there and came back: nope.  Nothing’s happening. Elijah said: go again. You know, Elijah, I know you’re a man of God but I think you missed it this time. There is nothing even that remotely looks like rain up there. Elijah said: go again. Seven times he had to climb that mountain and look for what wasn’t there. Finally he came back and said: well, I don’t see much but there is one little tiny cloud the size of a man’s hand. And Elijah jumped up, started rejoicing and said: it’s beginning to rain! Whoo!

You know what?  Some of you are so down in the mouth and depressed that there is a cloud the size of a man’s hand in your life, there’s a sign that God’s moving and you’re not even seeing it because you’ve got such low negative emotions. We need to step it up in faith here this weekend and we need to start seeing what God is doing and stop crabbing about what he’s not doing all the time. My God, you’re not going to hell!  That’s good news! When Jesus splits the eastern sky, you’re not going to have to cower in fear. You’re gonna say: yeah!  Hallelujah!

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