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Armed And Dangerous – The Name

Joyce Meyer (13)

Announcer: Coming up today on “Enjoying Everyday Life.”

Billy Joe Daugherty: The depth of the relationship that a person has with Jesus will determine the authority level that they walk in; and that’s what you’re saying. A lot of people say: there is little authority when they use the name of Jesus, but it’s related to their relationship with him. (music)

Joyce Meyer: Welcome to “Enjoying Everyday Life” and thank you for choosing to spend this time with me today. Did you know that when you accept Jesus as your Lord and savior, you become armed with God’s power and dangerous to the devil? Today I’m going to teach you how the name of Jesus gives you authority with my guests, Pastors Billy Joe Daugherty and Mike Shepard. Wonderful men of God — I guess I don’t have to work hard today; I can sit back and let you guys just teach the world and teach me and tell us all about the power that’s in the name of Jesus. Amen?

Billy Joe Daugherty: The name of Jesus is the name above every name.

Joyce: So, it’s the name above cancer, it’s the name above poverty, it’s the name above depression.

Pastor Billy Joe: Worry, fear, anxiety, oppression, darkness. Thank God!  And that name is accessible by every person on the planet.

Joyce: so, a housewife, a doctor, a ditch digger, an engineer…

Pastor Billy Joe: Right. Some people have a powerful name because of the family they were born in, and if you’re not born in that family, you don’t have that access to that name. We’ve been born into the greatest family ever and we have that name, no matter who we are — born into the family of god. The name of Jesus has been given to us to live in and to walk in. Jesus said: go in my name. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the lord. We are in that name, and that name is in us.  It’s not just a tag that we wear, it’s not just a card that we hold on to. We’re in his name. We’ve been saved by his name. We’ve been forgiven by the power that’s in his name. And we live in the power and authority of that name.

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